Co-ordinated and run by Ian McCallum, the WILD LEADERS programme is intended to be an entirely different approach to looking at the environmental and sustainability challenges facing the planet and its leaders. As we begin to face up to these, both on an individual and group level, we all know, deep down, that we have to live differently. But first, we have to think differently. And so, where do we turn? I believe we can learn a lot about ourselves from the wild. The question is: Are we willing to be disturbed? Are we willing to redefine our relationship to ourselves and the natural world, of which we are part? Based on what we learn and discover for ourselves, are we willing as individuals to take action at a personal level? This is what ecological leadership is about. Designed for informed decision-makers, guides, teachers and mentors, the programme links the natural environment to personal identity and ecological leadership by exploring issues such as awareness, biological, social and psychological survival as well as individual and group action. Programmes can take the form of half-day or full-day seminars as well as weekend getaways and safaris into the wild.