Invent Africa is managed with the following points in mind:


Our focus is on tailor-made safaris and adventures for individuals, families, and small groups. While the Wild Leaders programme has been developed for corporates, it can also be adjusted for groups and families.  

We support those individuals and operators that embrace ethical, respectful, and responsible travel and tourism. We also seek out those that align themselves to legitimate conservation and wildlife management initiatives.

We do not support mass-market tourism, trophy hunting or any of the operations that breed and use wildlife as commodities.

We plan and book safaris and trips covering the following options: big game, photography, birding, walking/hiking, horse-riding, tracking, conservation and science, leadership, adventure, cultural, diving and sailing. Depending on the season guests elect to travel, we will recommend specific countries, activities, and the highlight destinations best suited to providing what we believe will be the ultimate experience.

Typically, safaris are designed around three factors, and in this order: the experience, the ability of an operator to deliver on that experience, and then the camp or lodge location and its comforts.

Our destinations range from camping comfortably under the stars to the most exotic and luxurious bush lodges and hotels. We purposefully omit recommending specific camps and lodges as these are not always the best place to be, and different seasons and changes in management have an impact.

Budgets allowing, we recommend a specialist guide accompany our guests. Typically, they have greater experience, a better understanding of the ecological and political landscapes, and a broader level of general input. All proudly born and bred in Africa, our specialist guides accompany you for the duration of the trip. If this is not possible, the operators we use all have excellent local camp guides.

We believe that no matter how efficient people may be on a computer, or how well trained they are in the office, these aspects will never be able to replace the practical knowledge gained from many years of dedicated time on safari. And no amount of time trawling the internet and searching websites is going to be able to offer you the personalised and comprehensive package we can.