It Does Matter

At the end of a safari, the question “how can I get involved” is often asked.

The immediate answer is that by being on safari you have already made a significant contribution. And we owe you big thanks for this. Various conservation and related fees go to the authorities managing the parks and other protected areas, and your stay in Africa ensures people have valuable employment opportunities in the lodges and camps; this is especially so in most rural areas that otherwise have little other economic activity.

However, if you want to do more, then we are especially appreciative, and Invent Africa can assist through our foundation, It Does Matter.

We offer this assistance as it can be difficult to decide where exactly your support should go. With over 30 years of experience in the ecotourism and conservation world, we have built up a network of highly dedicated people working on various successful projects in the field.

A thriving planet requires flourishing ecosystems, and to secure these, we need protected areas with healthy populations of biodiversity across all levels. We also need people to understand these links. In assisting us to achieve these goals, your choices with Invent Africa and It Does Matter, can be broken down into one of three categories: speciesspaces, or people.

Depending on your choice, we will then select an initiative or project on your behalf to pass on 100% of your contribution. Our decisions are based on the following:

  • The project must relate to current ecological or conservation priorities.
  • The project must have a direct focus on one of the three pillars: a specific species (biodiversity protection), spaces (protecting habitat) or people (education and rural communities).
  • The project and its team must all be in good standing with their peer community and, they must have a track record.
  • The project or researchers/scientists must not support trophy hunting or the trade in wildlife.

And if you wish, it will be possible for you to be in direct contact with the specific project.

The loss of biodiversity and habitat is one of the biggest threats to a functioning planet. At Invent Africa, we feel obligated to play our part in reversing this. And we are hugely thankful if you decide to partner with us in these efforts.

These are some of the organizations we already support: Blood Lions, Eden to Addo, Elephants Without Borders,Wild Shots Outreach, Lunchbox Theatre, Elephants Alive, andYouth 4 African Wildlife amongst others

(Note: South African residents can get a tax certificate from us).