Blanketed by vast tracts of true desert and semi-arid terrain, Namibia is the most unique destination within the region. Named after the Namib Desert, one of the planets oldest and driest desert environments, these expansive and ancient landscapes provide for some of the continents most startlingly desolate, yet enthralling scenery.

And being a large country with an extremely sparse population, traveling here, whether by road or air provides a sense of never-ending remoteness.

Highlights include the mountains of sand that comprise the dune-scapes of Sossulsvlei, the haunting beauty of the Skeleton Coast and the windswept Atlantic Ocean, and the rugged majesty of the mountains that dominate Damaraland and the northwest. And the wildlife is surprisingly bountiful, particularly in Etosha Pan and along the seasonal river systems of the Caprivi Strip in the northeast.