This is a country of immense beauty, and because of its fascinating history it also has a rich social fabric that is a unique blend of African, Arabic, European and Eastern cultures. The resulting ambience, reflected in the colourful music, art, architecture and excellent food, makes for an inviting and captivating place to be. The most fun-filled way to experience this aspect would be to spend a few days hanging out in Maputo, the capital city.

Otherwise, head north or south along the over 2 500km of coastline, much of it comprising endless sandy beaches, coastal forest and palm-lined coves. Or hitch a dhow ride across to one of the many clusters of tropical islands. Either way, these magnificent marine environments offer some of the continents premier diving and snorkeling opportunities. And while not as well-known as many of Africa’s iconic national parks, Gorongosa and Niassa offer wonderfully scenic landscapes for those in search of wildlife.