Kenya is the true birthplace of ‘the safari’, and no one does the traditional mobile option better than the Kenyan operators. While lacking for the most part the vast and remote wilderness areas that Tanzania and some of the Southern African countries boast, for many it is a preferable option because it offers easier travel and a wider selection of lodgings.

 Kenya does also tend to be a high-volume destination, but an incredible diversity of habitats with superb game viewing, and the unique cultural experiences that are part and parcel of almost every destination more than compensate for the throng at some national parks and along most of the coastline.

Highlights include the annual Great Migration of over one million animals through the Masai Mara, the rugged, remote and dry terrain of Samburu and the far north, the incredible flamingo and pelican viewing at Lake Nakuru, the private lodges and conservancies of Laikipia and the Swahili character of the Lamu Archipelago.