Invent Africa is an owner-managed travel company specialising in tailor-made safaris across the continent.

Why use us?

Besides the fact that we are all born and bred Africans passionate about our continent, there are a number of other points to consider when booking a safari. Invent Africa does not own or manage any camp, lodge or reserve and is not aligned with any travel or safari organisation. This level of independence means that we do not have to sell or market any particular destination, product or itinerary. We suggest and recommend only what we believe to be the very best safari for our guests.

We do however have vast experience at various levels within the industry. Ian Michler has over the last 26 years either lived or worked in every country we cover and he continues to spend many months each year in the field leading trips or on photographic, writing and consultancy assignments. He has published seven natural history and travel books on Africa and is a well-known environmentalist journalist and conservationist. Robbyn Moir also undertakes trips regularly and she is particularly experienced when it comes to coastal and scuba-diving destinations.

This experience and knowledge is available to the guests that travel with us. But we also do not claim to have been everywhere or to know everything and when in doubt, we are able to call on the support and advice of many of the leading ground handlers, operators and specialists in the countries we travel.

Our wish is that you come away from Africa knowing yourself and the wilderness a little differently – and of course, we also want you to have the time of your life.